Sunday, October 2, 2016

Pickle Pledge

The Pickle Pledge title would indicate that it is for “healthcare” because it reads, “Creating a More Positive Healthcare Culture – One Attitude at a time.  Tye and Dent in fact have identified a cultural problem that exists in most if not all businesses, not just the healthcare field.  As a REALTOR and a Designated REALTOR Broker for more than 33 years, I can attest that negative attitudes within the real estate industry are very prevalent.  As a retired member of the U. S. Coast Guard, I can attest that negative attitudes existed onboard Coast Guard units as well.  More importantly, instead of just complaining (writing about) the existence of negative attitude within the workplace, Tye and Dent provide you with not only the why such attitudes are extremely dangerous, financially costly, and dangerous but more importantly, how to fix such negative attitudes – “one attitude at a time” as suggested in the title of the book.  DON’T LET THE TITLE FOOL YOU.  This book applies to ALL businesses of ALL types.  I cannot think of a business that I have been affiliated with and more importantly businesses I frequent that can’t learn something very valuable about their own businesses that will ultimately make them better places at which to work and thusly far more profitable all at the same time.  But..this book not only applies to helping businesses become better places at which to work and become more profitable, it also applies to HOMES and FAMILIES.  Having a positive attitude begins with waking up and choosing to have a positive attitude.  Taking the Pickle Pledge at home is just as critical as taking it at work because your happiness in both places is critical to having a happy life.

Who should read this book?  That one is easy – EVERYONE!

Saturday, May 14, 2016

Winning The War With Yourself

Joe Tye has written a book complete with quotes and stories you may or may not have heard before that reinforces his message of becoming the best you can be by defeating your inner enemy YOWE or “your own worst enemy”; yourself!  Admit it, you have that voice that speaks to you and usually it is not a positive message in fact it is a message that promotes fear and failure.  Most people prefer to listen to YOWE than the voice that promotes happiness and success.  I read a lot of books but rarely read them in just one sitting; this is an exception.  The book holds your interest with those quotes and stories and describes just how you can become that person you want to become.  Therefore, if you want to become the best you can be, why would you not want to spend a little time reading something that will certainly help you to do that.  This book certainly passes my test of a good book – Did it hold my interest?  Without a doubt!  Would I read it again – yes.  Would I give it as a gift?  Definitely and will.